Greenitone Active

Augments the hemopoieses with complete absorption of iron for better Hematological response.

Supplements vital micro nutrients for growth stimulating factors.

Accelerates recovery by regulating and Complimenting Body's immune system.

Reduces oxidative Stress, Improves Blood Circulation.

Maintains Structural & Functional Integrity of body tissues.

Multi Vitamin Protein Calcium & Rich source of iron.


Syrup Each 5ml Contains

Ext. Derived From

Shartavri 0.5 gm Mandur bhasma 2 gm
Ajma 0.5 gm Loh bhasma 2 gm
Vidarikand 0.5 gm Salampanjo 100 gm
Ashwagandha 1 gm vavding 100 gm
Trikatu 1 gm Sudh Shilajeet 150 gm
Taj 1 gm Swet musli 200 mg
Nagkeshar 1 gm Nagol 200 mg
Gokhru 1 gm Baldana 200 mg
Lavang 1 gm Kasis bhasama 200 mg
Shankh bhasma 1 gm Galo 250 mg
Saindhava 1 gm Jethimadh 250 mg
Triphala 1.5 gm Makardwaj 5 gm

2 gm

Godanti bhasma

2 gm


General Debility


Growth Retardation

Anemic Condition due to Pregnancy,Lactation & Malnutrition


Adults:  2 Tsf Twice Daily 

Children: 1 Tsf Twice Daily


Recommended to be used with caution in low dosage, Under strict supervision of the healthcare professional