Lectancia Granules

The Importance of mother`s milk has been appreciated Since Genrations.

Mother`s Milk is incomparable to anything in the world,God Have Given Every Mother A Natural Gift Of Lactation.

Mother`s Milk Has Been Compared To Nectar In Ayurveda.

During Pregnancy Minimize Chances of Threatened Abortions In Patient With Poor Obstetric History.

In  Pregnancy Nourishes Both Mother And Foetus.

Strong Anti-oxytocic Effect Due To Release of Phyto-estrogen.

Boosts Maternal Prolactin Levels For Optimum Lactogenesis.

Allows Smooth Flow of Milk And Promotes Breast Feeding.

Stimulates The Natural Process of Lactation.

Helps Boost Prolactin Levels.

An Effective Galactogogue Which Stimulates The Natural Process; of Lactation, Allows Smooth Flow of Milk And Promotes Breast Feeding.



Elaichi 0.30% Amla 7.5%
Jaiphal 0.45% Vavding 7.5%
twak Bhasma 1.5% Gokhru 7.5%
Suvadana 2.0% Vidarikand Kukunda 7.5%
Trikatutd> 2.5% Jivanti 10%
Ashwagandha 7.5% Satavari 10%


To Improve Inadequate Lactation.

For Regular And Longer Lactation.

Problems of Insufficient Milk

Nourishment of The Mother & Foetus.

Nutritional Supplement.


5gm of Powder is to be  mixed with1 Cup Luke warm milk (Sarkra can be added, According to Taste) in the Morning Prior to Breakfast. 45 Minutes Prior to goto bed or As directed by the physician.


Recommended to be used with caution in low dosage, Under strict supervision of the healthcare professional