Urodon Syrup

Act As Alkalizer & Normalizes urinary pH and alleviates burning during urination
Relieves pain & inflammation by inhibing release of their mediators, soothes irritated bladder

Powerfully combats against common urinary pathogens inhibing DNA synthesis or promong membranolyc activity

Restores homeostasis of electrolytes, acid-base and water balance exerting balanced diuresis

Acts an adjuvant in chronic or recurrent UTI, Killing even the resistant strains of bacteria with the help of unique vital herbal concentration and combination.

Inhibits the accumulation, deposition and super saturation of salts in urinary media thereby prevents the further formaon of stones and helps in spontaneous flushing of stones.

Provides citrates & biomolecules for healthier & clear urine formation

Reduces residual urine quantity and improves the tonicity of urinary bladder parcularly in atony condion due to surgery or ageing

Relieves symptoms of UTI

Helps prevent Recurrence in UTI & Urinary Stones

Reduces complications in Prostatic Enlargement


Each 5ml contain

Yavak Shar 50mg Kalthi 300mg
Daruhaldar 50mg Varun chhal 400mg
Saji Shar 100mg Palashpushpa 500mg
Moolik Shar 150mg Gokhru 750mg
Suddh Shilajit 200mg Pashan bhed 750mg


Urinary Calculi (stone)

Urinary tract infections (UTI)

Urine with occult blood

Dysuria (painful urination)

Interrupted stream of urine

Burning micturition (burning sensation while passing urine)

Cystitis (inflammation of the urinary bladder due to infection)

Benign Prostate Hyperplasia (BPH) symptoms like dribbling urination

Prevention of post lithotripsy


Adult : 2 teaspoonful twice a day

Children (6-12 yrs.) : 1 teaspoonful thrice a day Continue the treatment for 1-3 months till complete relief or as directed by the physician.


Recommended to be used with caution in low dosage, Under strict supervision of the healthcare professional