V-Pil Cream

Acts as Haemostatic by toning the blood micro-capillaries, thereby checks bleeding per rectum significantly.

Exerts Anti-inflammatory action by inhibing inflammatory  mediators like leukotriene, thereby controls pain & itching in rectum region.

Acts as Anti-microbial against a wide spectrum of bacteria, fungi & protozoa, inhibing their growth without disturbing intestinal microflora, thereby checks any kind of secondary infection near the rectum.


Anti-pruritic bysoothening or desensitizaon effect on the tissues by topical application and also systematic by inhibing the histaminic effect.

Accelerate Wound healing by enhancing collagen turn over and also shrink  the haemorrhoidal mass due to potent astringent action from the herbal components.

Acts as Bowel regulator by toning the peristalsis movements of GIT and  also reducing re-absorption of water, thereby soens stools & checks painful constipation.

Provides complete and comprehensive management in 1st  and 2nd degree Haemorrhoids  
A supportive therapy in 3rd and 4th degree Haemorrhoids.
An adjunct therapy for pre & post operative management Helps prevent recurrence in post operative cases, regulates bowel movement


Cream Contain

Jethimadh 1% Kapoor 2.5%
kasis 1% Nirgundi 3%
Daru haldar 2% Karanj oil 5%
Par cik yavani 2% Aritha 5%
Panchvakal 2% Sonageru 5%
Mayu dal 2% Sarjras 10%
Phudina ext. 2% Lajvanti 10%


Bleeding Haemorrhoids

Inflamed Haemorrhoids

Non-bleeding Haemorrhoids

Chronic constipation & itching at ano-rectal region


Apply gently on affected area using applicator twice or thrice a day before and after defection or at bed time.


Recommended to be used with caution in low dosage, Under strict supervision of the healthcare professional