Arthriv Ointment

Arthriv Ointment is a combination of traditionally used ingredients with known muscular pain-relieving effect.

Being an ointment form it greater absorption and better penetration to the site of action.

Along with  ingredient of Gandhpuro oil, Narayan oil and Peppermint oil and much more pain-relieving ingredient make Arthriv Ointment a unique formulation for all origin of Joint and skeleton muscular pain. provides counter irritant effect that offers an edge to pain relief.

On set of action is prompt, providing quick relief from the different type of pains like Muscular pain, stiff joints, backache etc. ointment as suitable on various painful conditions.


Ointment Contains

Laving 1.00%
Kapur 1.50%
Nilgiri Oil 2.00%
chandan 3.00%
Nirgundi 4.00%
Panchgoon oil 7.00%
Mahanarayana oil 7.00%
Mahavishagarbha oil 7.00%
Mahamas oil 7.00%
Gandapura oil 7.00%
Devdar oil 11.00%


  • Ankylosing Spondylosis

  • Frozen Joints

  • Allied Muscular - Skeletal Inflammatory conditions


Apply & Massage on affected area, gently massage twice or thrice daily including one at bed time, leaving it overnight or as directed by the physician


Arthriv OIL Is Herbal Remedy No Any Side effect For External Use Only.