Willcure Tablet

Regularizes hormone secretions by providing phytoestrogens, hormone precursors, helps to strengthen uterine muscles, enhances the thickness of endometrium to desired level.

Restores ovarian functions and promotes ovulation, thus benefits in fertilizaon and plays promising role in unexplained inferlity.

Successfully benefits the patients of PCOS (Polycystic ovarian syndrome) with DUAL THERAPY of Willcure along with Vaibhavi`s Sucon Capsule, helps promote conception.

Relieves stress related menstrual disturbances, helps manage post-menopausal syndrome. Provides antioxidant herbs like amla,ashwagandha that protect body tissues from oxidtiave damage.

Maintains healthy & balanced production of female hormones

An excellent health tonic for female from menarche to menopause

Effectively reduces symptoms of pre&post menopause

Improves adaptation capacity of females

Free from the adversities of synthetic hormones

Remains safe on long term usage


Each tablets contain

Purified sfatika 10mg Gokshur powder 30mg
Nag kesar 10mg Praval bhasma 30mg
Purified shilajit 10mg Lodra dry powder 40mg
Amla 20mg Pushyanug 40mg
Guduchi 20mg Hirabol 40mg
Haridra 20mg Loh bhasma 40mg
Purified gerik 20mg Ashoka dry powder 50mg
Kukutandatwak bhasma 30mg Paradarantak loha 60mg



Unexplained infertility

Non-specific leucorrhoea

PCOS (polycystic ovarian syndrome)

Pre & post-menopausal syndrome


2 tab twice or thrice a day for 2 to 3 months or as directed by the physician.


Recommended to be used with caution in low dosage, Under strict supervision of the healthcare professional